We have over 20 years of experience investing in hedge funds. We source managers from our investor connections , from our preferred prime brokers , from conferences and from our own searches.

We generally avoid the largest managers, our sweet spot is between 100m USD - 1bn USD in AUM. We’re looking for managers with a demonstrable edge in their field, and we particularly like specialized strategies as opposed to generalists.

We see our managers as long terms partners and hope to remain invested for multi-year periods, so our turnover tends to be low.

We currently invest in the following strategies:

  1. Equity long/short

  2. Equity market neutral

  3. Event driven

  4. Global macro - both systematic and discretionary

  5. Credit long/short

But we follow most other strategies as well.

We tend to invest in funds with daily, monthly or quarterly liquidity, and invest in both Cayman funds, UCITS and European onshore